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Welcome, if you are considering becoming Noahide or even full conversion to Orthodox Judaism please look around to see what the possibilities are and if you have questions before joining then just ask (see More menu) and I will answer as honestly as I am capable. The site is predominantly a hub for aspiring Noahide, those wishing to convert to full Orthodox Judaism and all point between without the traditional misogyny. If you are an Orthodox rabbi I hope you will consider becoming part of the community to help guide those interested in Judaism but please no fringe or ultra ideology as extremism perverts the true meaning of Torah as much as Reform or Conservative. Admittedly, I have some input on what this movement should be and am just trying to fulfill the promise I made all those years ago to bring people back to the Father. May it grow "From a spark to a flame!"

This site is strictly for people interested in becoming either Noahide or Orthodox Jewish faiths. All others will be deleted and banned.