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Help Pets/Friends For Life cat shelter!

Pets/Friends For Life is a cat shelter in St Thomas, Ontario, Canada that needs financial help to maintain it's level of care. I worked there as a volunteer from 2008-2010 until I moved back to Cambridge and have kept in touch with some of it's members til present. When I was there we had upwards of 200 cats and I think they have lowered that number significantly and by october 2016 they adopted to new homes 153 cats, surpassing 2015's 10 month total by 50! You can donate here if you wish or if you want to make a larger donation and/or require a tax receipt you can find them at www.petsfriendsforlife.ca  but I thought I would put up this campaign to try and help them from Abraham's Light. All donations whatever size are greatly appreciated and all proceeds from this campaign other than the 2.9% PayPal takes will be submitted to the shelter. NOTE: As posted in the TOS and Rules there are no refunds so make sure you enter the correct amount you wish to donate. This is to keep down fraudulent activity.

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Jun 10, 2019
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