Welcome, Abraham’s Light aims to be a community where aspiring Noahide and Orthodox Jewish folk can connect, discuss and share thoughts. Orthodoxy has been extremely misogynistic in it’s interpretations of Torah. I believe gender equality was always a part of God/HaShem’s plan for humankind while still keeping all 613 mitzvot for Jewish and 66 mitzvot for Noahide so I am hoping all who partake will feel the same. I realize the Orthodox already have connected communities but hope a few rabbis and other learned people who believe in gender equality and interpret mitzvot so will take part and help those wishing to become either Noahide or Orthodox feel welcome (please remember there are various trains of thought on Noahide so don’t insist yours is the only one). Some of you will prefer to go farther than others, some holding the basic tenets, some fully converting to Orthodox Jewry, and all points in between. If you would like  to see what I am hoping this movement to become please visit my sister site Herb Walsh End Times Prophecy and decide if you wish to be a part. I am just trying to fulfill the promise I made all those years ago to bring people back to the Father. May it grow “From a spark to a flame!”

Several online libraries concerning Judaism can be accessed through links in the Forums – General area.  You can download The Sefaria Library mobile Apps for Android and iOS there as well.

The Abraham’s Light App is freely available for Android, Windows 10 (PC, Mobile and Hololens), or Chrome (App or Extension) at the appropriate App Store..sorry no Apple yet..be part of a growing contingent. (NOTE: You may have to turn off any VPN you have running if you wish to register or login.)

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Navigate to the web page that you wish to add as a home screen icon.
Tap on the Share button at the bottom of the browser window. It’s represented by a square with an up arrow in the foreground.
The iOS Share Sheet will now appear, overlaying the main browser window. Select the option labeled Add to Home Screen.
The Add to Home interface should now be visible. Edit the name of the shortcut icon you are creating. This text is important: It represents the title that will be displayed on the home screen. Once you are done, tap the Add button.
You will be taken back to your iPad’s home screen, which now contains a new icon mapped to your chosen web page.